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s614 - 3 Takeaways To Deploy AR Projects On Time and Under Budget Join this session to learn how Index AR is helping 80+ enterprise organizations launch their Augmented Reality projects at actual cost and on schedule, while helping them realize quality improvements.You will see demonstrations of select deployed AR projects and participate in a lively interactive discussion. Breakout Session Scott Sommers, Index AR Solutions
s638 - 5 IoT Solutions Leading The Refinery of The Future The Refinery of the Future (RoTF) is a consortium project, involving many vendors and the Texmark Chemicals company in Houston. This panel will include leaders in the Oil & Gas industry and an overview and status of the 5 IoT solutions that are part of the RoTF: 1. Advanced Analytics with Predictive Maintenance 2. Advanced Video Analytics – Video as a Sensor 3. Safety and Security – Man-down and Directed Response 4. Connected Worker – Location-based and Context-aware 5. Full Asset Management – Integration with Mechanical Integrity, DCS, Location-based Services, Asset tracking and Usage. Panel Discussion Douglas Smith, Texmark Chemicals, Inc.
Linda Salinas, Texmark
Stan Galanski, CB Technologies
Rachael Goydan, Deloitte
Steve Sponseller, PTC
s961 - 5 Key Questions on PTC Cloud Over the last 18 years of managing our customers’ technology in the Cloud, we’ve seen a trend in questions that arise when making the move to the Cloud. In this presentation, we’ll go through the top five questions we get from users like you- Security, Availability, Functionality, Performance, and Support- to help you to take full advantage of the PTC Cloud. Ignite Talk (15 Minute Quick Tips or Demos Expo Hall) Tom Rassmann, PTC
s953 - 5 Motives of Good Hackers Hack & How to Engage Hacking is not good or bad- it's like magic. There are bad wizards... and thankfully, good wizards too. Try as we may to secure products, we will miss things. Accidents and adversaries are on the rise. How can we think like a hacker? Leverage them! Understand both the 5 main motivations of good hackers & researchers and the value of Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure Programs. Cyber Safety Chats Joshua Corman, PTC
s607 - 5 Requirements for Getting IT and Operations to Champion IoT More and more companies are working to capitalize on the promise of industrial IoT for better business intelligence, process improvement, and intelligent asset management. To realize this, IT and Operations departments increasingly need to work together. This is challenging, as these departments have fundamentally different goals and ways of working. The fact is that it is incumbent on industrial IoT technology itself to allow both IT and Operations to continue to be successful in their traditional roles while also benefiting from IoT. Breakout Session Thomas Gaudet, PTC
s685 - 5-Star Automotive Cyber Safety Framework Modern vehicles are computers on wheels, yet the consequences of cybersecurity failures are much higher on our roads than in the server room. While connected and autonomous vehicles promise to save lives, a crisis of confidence among buyers and policymakers will delay these capabilities for years or decades. The "5 Star Automotive Cyber Safety Framework" outlines foundational, critical capabilities for ensuring our vehicles are worthy of the trust we place in them. Cyber Safety Chats Beau Woods, I Am The Cavalry
s697 - 5 Tough Questions You Need To Be Asking About Analytics Over the past few years, technology enabling data-driven insight has matured to a point past the ability of most organizations to adapt to it. With so much marketing noise around Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, many organizations are comfortable with receiving the same reports they’ve had for the past 20 years because they don’t fully understand what’s right for them. In this interactive session, we’ll walk through a typical customer’s analytics journey, from basic reporting to artificial intelligence. Focusing on demonstrated, transformational business outcomes that come from each step along the journey, we’ll remove the “hype” that exists in this space and arm you with the right questions, both cultural and technical, to ask your teams to ensure success. Breakout Session Matt Hardman, PTC
s601 - 7 Core Use Cases: Unlocking Global Manufacturing With IIoT at Pfizer Founded in 1849 in New York City as a manufacturer of fine chemicals, Pfizer has grown into one of the world’s leading global pharmaceutical and consumer healthcare product companies, producing blockbuster drugs in a wide range of medical disciplines. With a commitment to quality throughout the manufacturing lifecycle, Pfizer is embarking on an ambitious, multi-year program to transform the plant floor through the industrial IoT. The goal: to enhance visibility, reduce waste and optimize operations through predictive analysis and closed-loop operations management. Learn about the seven core use cases behind Pfizer’s transformative project to unlock the value of plant data from the clean room, to the factory floor, and beyond. Case Study Shawn Mullins, Pfizer
Thomas Herman, TPTC
s939 - Accelerated AR Services Hear from a company that crosses the chasm with AR for their customers on a daily basis - from aesthetic medicine through real-estate, and construction up to manufacturing and oil/gas. Explore the use cases such as education, training, layout design, inspections, quality checks, and maintenance. Explore the mixture of AR software and hardware platform and how we extended them. Breakout Session Adam Gasiorek, Transition Technologies PSC
Grzegorz Stawicki, Transition Technologies PSC
s641 - Accelerating Smart City Business and App Delivery With a Strategic City-Wide Platform Cities and their technology partners need to quickly deliver smart city solutions that provide immediate value, as well as a platform to accelerate innovation and break down information silos. Cities can accomplish both goals with a city-wide platform. A city-wide IoT platform will ensure that all investments, such as physical assets, gateways, cloud environments or communication networks, are maximally leveraged to make onboarding new solutions and innovations easier, faster, and more economical. Attend this session to learn how cities can work with prime smart city vendors, and an ecosystem of partners that share a common vision, to immediately deliver against numerous smart city goals with new IoT solutions. A city-wide platform enables developers and businesses to more fully leverage existing IoT infrastructure in the deployment of new sensors and new solutions. Breakout Session Scott McCarley, PTC
s894 - Access Your Product Development Data in a Whole New Way In 15 minutes, we’ll show you how to access your company’s product data and leave the “.5% data utilization” statistic in the dust. ThingWorx Navigate and the EAC Productivity Apps give expert, and occasional users universal access to the latest, most accurate product information when they need it and in the context most related to their day-to-day responsibilities. Stop interrupting engineering for product content requests. Enable departments with role-based access to data. Learn how to access your Windchill data in a whole new way. Ignite Talk (15 Minute Quick Tips or Demos Expo Hall) Matt Kloos, EAC
Anthony Bayerl, EAC Product Development Solutions
s779 - A Cross-Organization Digital Transformation: MBDA’s Success Story MBDA has started a digital transformation journey. Their first step was the implementation of a new engineering collaboration solution to reduce product development time. That first step is now successfully achieved through the Matrix program, with the successful implementation of Windchill as the single source of truth for product data management, change management and Thingworx Navigate as a portal to provide access to engineering information to other functions. Hear about MBDA’s digital transformation journey started and how they continue to accelerate by starting additional transformations in Manufacturing and Customer Support Services with PTC. Case Study Greg Bull, MBDA
s791 - A Design Revolution: Creo Powered By ANSYS Designers make thousands of design decisions throughout the product development process. But because of long solution times and decoupled tools, most occur without the benefits of engineering simulation. Join this session to learn how PTC and ANSYS are joining forces to break down the barriers that separate modeling and simulation to revolutionize the way you design products. Breakout Session Mark Hindsbo, ANSYS
Mark Fischer, PTC
Brian Thompson, PTC
Paul Sagar, PTC
Steve Elias, ANSYS Ltd.
s923 - Advanced Analytics for Oil & Gas Organizations DRIP – Data Rich, Information Poor – defines the reality of many process manufacturing companies that lack the time or solutions to find insights in their data to improve asset availability, yields and quality metrics, and production KPIs. This session will present Oil & Gas use cases demonstrating how self-service advanced analytics can accelerate the work of engineers. Attendees will learn: • How to rapidly connect to ThingWorx data sources— such as OSIsoft PI, Kepware, and Postgres— and contextual production data with other data sources. • How engineers can leverage their expertise and experience to rapidly find root causes for process anomalies, monitor process and asset performance, and predict future outcomes. • How machine learning and big data technologies enable engineers to quickly build models of production processes. • How integrated knowledge capture, collaboration, and publishing capabilities enable all levels of an organization to benefit from improved access to insights. Ignite Talk (15 Minute Quick Tips or Demos Expo Hall) Michael Risse, Seeq
s788 - Advice from the Pros on Transitioning to Creo 4.0 & Creo 5.0 "Thinking about making the move to a new version of Creo? Already made that move and looking to get more out of it? Helping organizations and users transition to new versions of Creo is what we do. Join us as we discuss the ins and outs of Creo 4.0 and Creo 5.0. Learn and ask questions about: - Cool new features - New workflows and capabilities - New extensions to extend your modeling power" Breakout Session Olaf Corten, USG Engineering
Christiaan Renzema, USG Engineering
s967 - A Guided Tour of IoT University Take a tour of the IoT University platform and learn about the courses that are available. Ignite Talk (15 Minute Quick Tips or Demos Expo Hall) Samantha Testa, PTC
s838 - A Hippocratic Oath for Connected Medical Devices The single biggest risk to the health of future generations is trust and trustworthiness of care delivery. Healthcare advances promise to save millions of lives over the next decade, in the US alone; millions to billions globally in the decade after that. To be sure, we will eventually get there. Yet crises of confidence delay human benefits, put investments at risk, and increase the cost to replace our failures. Physicians take a symbolic oath to act in the best interest of their patients, yet care delivery is increasingly dependent on connected medical devices. The Hippocratic Oath for Connected Medical Devices embodies this same symbolic spirit for designers and developers of future healthcare equipment. Cyber Safety Chats Beau Woods, I Am The Cavalry
s966 - AI in Education Learn how we can use artificial intelligence to develop course content and scale personalized learning through virtual assistants and chatbots. Ignite Talk (15 Minute Quick Tips or Demos Expo Hall) Danielli Hodgkinson, PTC
s989 - AI: Recognizing Cats at the Core, to Cars at the Edge Whether you are talking about deep learning, strategic thinking, or another species of AI, the foundation of its use is in situations that require lightning-fast responses, faster than humans are capable of responding. Many types of image, video and audio pattern matching and image recognition could not be performed by traditional big data analytics and other types of analytics tools. These require deep learning models with massive computational capacity to accomplish. Now that deep learning is a reality, these new outcomes are driving innovation and differentiation. Come and learn how HPE is doing just that. Ignite Talk (15 Minute Quick Tips or Demos Expo Hall) SANJAY UMARJI, Hewlett-Packard Enterprise
s716 - All You Need To Know About The Digital Twin Organizations are under tremendous pressure to deliver high-quality products with increasing customer demands for configurability and service. To get better insight into these new offerings, organizations need greater insight into their products than they have had before. This session focuses on use cases and takes a practical approach to the Digital Twin. With a Digital Twin, each manufactured asset has a maintained digital record of the current and past configuration or state– including changes to hardware and software components. Complete traceability is just the beginning. Using the Digital Twin, you can monitor performance, security, open source, legal and regulatory compliance throughout the asset’s history. Breakout Session Kevin Wrenn, PTC
Steve Dertien, PTC
s751 - Analytics in Oil & Gas Panel Discussion There are many use cases for analytics in the Oil & Gas industry. This panel will discuss a few of these use cases with presentations from ADNOC Offshore, Flowserve, and SparkCognition. Panel Discussion Dr. Mehrzad Mahdavi, Motus Data Inc.
Philippe Herve, SparkCognition
Chris Klosterman, Allied Reliability Group
Robert Miller, Flowserve
Wael Almadhoun, ADNOC Offshore
s677 - Application of Analytics Within IIoT Solutions With the ThingWorx Industrial Innovation Platform, companies are able to build applications that capture data about the experiences of products and assets in the physical world. This new source of data can produce value if it is refined into actionable insight and intelligence delivered to the right people at the right time. However, many companies struggle with the process of extracting value from their data assets. During this session, the presenter will discuss the overall analytics process to provide an understandable approach to adopting supervised machine learning within your organization. The presenter will use real-world examples to demonstrate how the analytics process and technology can be applied to solve business problems. Breakout Session Dave Magnoni, PTC
s730 - Approaching Model-Based Enterprise with PTC MBD, MBSE, MBE…. That’s a lot of model-based talk. Join Steve Dertien, CTO of PTC, along with Paul Sagar and Hedley Apperly as they discuss MBE and how it works within an enterprise. We will be covering system models, 3D models, and emerging trends. As well as looking at customer use cases and how your organization can benefit from a model-based enterprise approach. In this session, they will also review PTC’s roadmap to the model-based enterprise including the latest changes to Creo, Windchill, and Integrity to get you there. Breakout Session Paul Sagar, PTC
Hedley Apperly, PTC
Steve Dertien, PTC
Paul Sagar, PTC
s930 - #AR and Augmented Intelligence are Key to Enabling I4.0 and Your Digital Transformation – Learn How to Start Fast and Avoid Technology Traps While the value of concepts like I4.0 and tools like Augmented Reality are obvious, practical application and real, hard business benefits seem elusive. For industrial use cases, lean thinking and processes are key to delivering a successful first use case, as well as scaling across the organization. What have Global 500 leaders done to get started faster and scale effectively, and what lessons can you apply to your own efforts to drive Digital Transformation? Hear lessons learned, how you can apply them in your own organization and practical use cases for leveraging tools like AR in combination with the IoT to enable the next level of performance. Ignite Talk (15 Minute Quick Tips or Demos Expo Hall) Alex Kelly, Vuzix
s687 - AR and Design Reviews: Finding A Needle in A Haystack Even with improvements, it is hard to organize teams to find and identify design issues before production. Yet, the issues of sharing, understanding, and identifying issues continue to persist. AR offers a new approach that helps engineers and makes for more productive design-for-manufacturing reviews, customer reviews. Come learn how Fujitsu is incorporating AR into their environment. Customer Success Story Sandra Humphrey, Independent Consultant
s744 - Architecture Management the Whirlpool Way If Whirlpool’s PLM solution is the “industrial toolkit” enabling them to meet the needs of the enterprise by managing architecture complexity than Systems Engineering is the “heavy duty engine” putting supercharged power into their implementation. Learn how Whirlpool is approaching Architecture Management using PTC’s PLM solution and a Model-Based System Engineering approach. From Integrity Modeler in early architecture development to Windchill for BOM creation and management, and Creo for configurable CAD, Whirlpool is transforming everything about Architecture Management. And, with over 100 years of experience in the consumer appliance industry, this is not a clean sheet operation. Whirlpool must develop and deploy processes and tools that support everything from advanced R&D to existing product lines with legacy infrastructure. Come and hear experiences from their journey in pursuit of managed architectures. Case Study Mandy McIvor, Whirlpool
Tiago Bitencourt, Whirlpool Corporation
s868 - Are Your IoT Devices, Applications and Data secure? The Internet of Things (IoT) presents a huge business opportunity across almost every industry. However, it is also creating a massive attack surface in the enterprise, introduced by the scale and pace of adoption, as well as the physical consequences of compromised security. Until now, security has been treated as an afterthought; by adding layers of security after devices are delivered, with infrastructure and applications already in place. But security for the IoT is too important to be treated as an afterthought. IoT’s unique characteristics are also forcing a fundamental rethink about how Enterprises need to implement security management for devices and data. To combat these challenges, Device Authority has developed an enterprise IoT security blueprint which details device and data security guidelines for organizations of all sizes and industries. In IoT there is not one organization or one solution which can solve everything – it’s important to use expertise from within the wider ecosystem. Comodo CA provides trusted, mutual-authentication solutions, utilizing PKI certificates and high-availability, batch-issuance system for admins to easily enroll, download and decrypt quickly and efficiently. Gemalto provides Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) and Key Management System (KMS) for automated PKI certificate provisioning, high-assurance device authentication and managed end-to-end encryption at IoT scale. Organizations benefit from flexible options for secure and centralized key management, whether in physical, virtualized infrastructure, and public cloud environments. Data Protection on Demand gives customers options when migrating operations to the cloud and/or through a managed services model. Existing security solutions have evolved as an afterthought for the changing digital world. We now have an opportunity to include security earlier on at the design stage, in the new IoT world. Device identity and integrity are the new perimeters for IoT. Data security and privacy are extremely important to enterprise IoT use cases. Any enterprise-class IoT security solution requires a combination of automated PKI, high assurance PKI key storage and management, along with enterprise data security platform integration. In this session, learn about: • Device and Data Security • Implementing and running security operations at IoT scale • Meeting Compliance requirements and requests • Meeting performance requirements as per the use case Breakout Session Rao cherukuri, Device Authority
David Madden, Gemalto Inc.
Damon Kachur, Comodo Certification Authority
s789 - AR is Easier Than You Think: How One Designer Got Cannondale To Launch A Global AR Product In Under A Year Cannondale, one of the world’s leading bicycle brands, recently launched an augmented reality (AR) Experience for customers using Studio in only a few months. Join them as they share their journey from using Creo AR for internal design reviews to launching a consumer-facing AR experience. What started with initial skepticism about the applicability of AR to the bicycle segment, quickly unlocked the imagination of people throughout their organization. All it took was one demonstration of AR using their own products to begin seeing how this technology could help them. Breakout Session Shawn Lothrop, Boston Engineering
Curtis Detwiler, Cycling Sports Group
Jeremy Mikesell, Cycling Sports Group
s625 - AR is Easy: Studio Best Practices Anyone can create detailed, interactive AR experiences in just minutes. Studio makes it easy to leverage your existing IoT and CAD data to create 3D animations of your products with a simple, intuitive interface. Breakout Session Brad Pitser, PTC
s663 - AR Strategy for Differentiating After-Sales Support Learn how OCME, an Italian machinery producer in food & beverage processing, defined and validated an AR strategy to transform their after-sales business, making it more profitable and competitive. In just four weeks, OCME developed and launched two PoC projects: the first leveraging AR with rich 3D content for the Microsoft Hololens, and the second for RealWear HTM-1 with Assisted Reality where 3D augmentation is not presented at all. This presentation will also showcase how OCME extended Studio, leveraged ThingWorx View to deliver new widgets, and created AR experience templates to provide a hands-free experience for real-time assistance on wearables devices, all of which can be reused for similar use cases. Case Study Adam Gasiorek, Transition Technologies PSC
s799 - AR & the Future of the Enterprise Shel Israel, author of seven acclaimed books on technology and the future of business, will start by guiding you into The Fourth Transformation where AR and VR headsets have begun to change most aspects of the enterprise including in design, logistics, safety, training and data management and where the Enterprise is embracing tech at a pace ten times greater than in consumer sectors. Then he goes beyond his past book into what he calls the AI Century, where artificial intelligence reaches the point where machines become smarter than us. He looks at the enterprise of the future, where robots, bots, autonomous vehicles, will communicate with humans via brainwaves—or just replace all of us. He explains that nearly all credible scientists and thinkers see this future of when machines become smarter than humans. Where they are divided is on whether or not this is a good thing. Track Spotlights Shel Israel, Transformation Group, LLC
s832 - Artificial Intelligence is Here: What You Need to Know and How to Make AI Work for You After decades of hard work and many false starts, artificial intelligence technology has finally arrived. Rosy promises and daily stories about the success of artificial intelligence and machine learning applications continue to garner interest and drive investments in AI-based applications in almost every business sector. But these early success stories are often accompanied by doubts about the ability to scale AI applications, concerns about loss of privacy, and doomsday predictions about machines taking over jobs and revolt against their creators. Navigating through the sea of artificial intelligence jargon and implementation methods can be daunting. And understanding and separating the technology promise from its potential perils is equally overwhelming. Based on his years of experience developing AI-based asset maintenance software, Joe will take you through the promises, perils, and challenges of developing AI-driven diagnostic and prognostic systems. He will focus on the practical issues of selecting the appropriate AI technology for the task at hand, systems development and employment lifecycle, machine learning strategies, and how to drive user adoption. Breakout Session Joe Barkai, JBMC
s754 - A Semantic Internet of Things Approach Applied to an Aerospace Shopfloor Context Airbus has been investigating IOT technologies as part of its Digital Twin initiative, in order to collect information from devices disseminated in production hangars such as geolocation devices, smart tools, and autonomous collaborative robots. The objective is to be able to propose a user-centric cockpit that shows a tailored vision of the industrial processes and resources. A specific use-case will be reviewed where autonomous guided vehicles are evaluated to automate drilling tools delivery from the calibration center to the drilling stations. Breakout Session Alcibiades Gonzalez-Noval, Airbus Operations GmbH
Thomas Bachellerie, Geometric SAS, an HCL Technologies Company
s636 - Ask the Experts: Creo Join the Creo Product Managers as they answer your most-burning product questions and reveal expert shortcuts and uncommon tips to gaining the most from Creo. Meet the Experts Paul Sagar, PTC
Arnaud Van De Veerdonk, PTC
Mark Fischer, PTC
Paul Sagar, PTC
Luke Westbrook, PTC
Andrew McGough, PTC
Jose Coronado Lara, PTC
Jim Barrett-Smith, PTC
Michael Fridman, PTC
Martin Neumueller, PTC
s702 - Ask the Experts: Windchill & Integrity Join Windchill and Integrity Product Managers as they answer everything you have ever wanted to know about the products, functionalities, and capabilities. Meet the Experts Walid Saad, PTC
Keith Berling, PTC
Michael Prudhommme, PTC
Jeff Zemsky, PTC
Hedley Apperly, PTC
Jean-Claude Niyonkuru, PTC
Virendra Chavan, PTC
Mark Lobo, PTC
Laura Nissen, PTC
Graham Birch, PTC
s884 - Augmented Reality in the Digital Age Augmented Reality at the Enterprise Scale & how to deliver your innovation at speed. This discussion session will talk with industry advisers how to drive your IoT / AR Proof of Concept development into Enterprise Scale. Breakout Session Andrew Bubb, Accenture Liquid Studio
Jason Welsh, Accenture
s976 - Avoiding Titanic Failures in Healthcare I’m a healthcare professional. I’m a hacker. I’ve seen things - terrible things - and if we don’t correct our current course we are headed toward a disaster of Titanic proportions. They say those who don’t study history are doomed to repeat it, so we’ll extract lessons from one of the greatest tragedies of the 20th century. The Congressional Task Force Report on Healthcare Cybersecurity is our iceberg warning. Will we take decisive action? Or will we meet a similar fate? Cyber Safety Chats Audie Hatch, I Am The Cavalry
s981 - Award Ceremony & “Ignition Talk” William Gerstenmaier will be receiving an award for a lifetime of achievement in innovation excellence in engineering. In this special discussion with journalist Frank Morring, Jr., Mr. Gerstenmaier will share his experiences in driving innovation across a career at NASA, and inspire the audience to keep reaching for the stars. General Session William Gerstenmaier, NASA
Frank Morring, Aviation Week
s994 - Behind the Scenes of the Cyber Talent Shortage with Deidre Diamond In this fireside chat, Deidre Diamond, founder and CEO of placement firm CyberSN, talks with Security Ledger Editor in Chief, Paul Roberts for a "from the trenches" perspective on the cybersecurity skills shortage. How is it affecting firms? What are cutting edge firms in financial services, healthcare and other industries doing to find and retain top cyber talent? Find out in this illuminating breakout session! Breakout Session Paul Roberts
Deidre Diamond, CyberSN
s608 - Bell and Howell: Service & Retail Innovation with Next-Gen IoT Bell and Howell transformed its service organization by enabling remote monitoring and service of its connected industrial mechatronic machines. They selected ThingWorx as the foundation of an innovative, next-generation IoT-enabled offering designed to further optimize service capabilities for all of its OEM service partners. Discover how Bell and Howell got up and running in 8 weeks with the ThingWorx Industrial Innovation Platform and how they created the PackRobot: an autonomous self-service retail click and collect package retrieval system that allows customers to pick up their online orders in a matter of seconds by scanning a code on their smartphone. Customer Success Story Dr Haroon Abbu, Bell and Howell
s757 - Benefits of PLM on Digital Engineering, Manufacturing, and Other Business Processes: A Philips Case Study Royal Philips, based in the Netherlands and a leader in Medical Technology and Personal Health, observed in their 4+ year PLM journey the operational and ecosystem impacts of PLM across a number of business units. These business units active in PLM include Export Control, Compliance, Regulatory, Legal, Purchasing / Procurement, Supply Chain, Manufacturing, Sales & Marketing and other supporting business functions. This presentation is for the audience who is looking for benefit of a PLM solution outside of typical Research & Development (R&D), Design and Engineering. Come discuss with our PLM leads how your Digital Engineering and Manufacturing roadmap can collect additional value and benefit from other segments of your organization. Breakout Session Herke Suhr, Philips Healthtech
Jon Kaminski, Accenture
s693 - Best Practices for Industrial Control System Security Industrial Control Systems (ICS) networks are likely the most critical networks to secure from malicious actors. Most ICS networks connect and control processes that are safety-critical. Failure or loss of control can impact a single worker, an entire site, or even an entire region. Recent cybersecurity attacks have demonstrated that traditional methods of securing these networks are no longer sufficient. In this session, we will introduce best practices for auditing your existing network operations, how to design a network with best-in-class security, and how to harden and deploy middleware applications (such as KEPServerEX) to improve ICS network security. Breakout Session Emmett Moore, Red Trident Inc
Jeff Bates, PTC
s731 - Better Together: Creo & Windchill Today’s manufacturing environment is complex- multiple CAD tools, globally scattered teams, and changes that all need to be tracked and approved. Come see how Creo and Windchill together can resolve these issues: every model, drawing, or product data is secured and easily found in a central repository, versions, and revisions can be tracked along with required approvals, and manual tasks can be automated (e.g., part numbering, tracking changes, etc). Breakout Session Stephen Shaw, PTC
Jim Barrett-Smith, PTC
s936 - Beyond Cost Cutting – The Imperative for OFSE Companies Creating Efficiencies to Operate Sustainably Over the Long Term Today’s upstream oil field services and equipment (OFSE) companies are facing sustainability challenges due to oil price decline and pressured price cuts. The first imperative of the companies is to simplify the operations and generate more sustainable efficiencies. Companies are thriving to create a leaner organization that can help sustain in low price environment for years. Companies are looking to collaborate closely with their customers on a range of moves that radically restructure the cost base of the industry by engineering out cost, developing more efficient products and processes, and seeking novel business models to better align with incentives. The key moves focus on reducing internal costs, reducing customer costs and optimize company portfolios. Under optimization of company portfolios the technology enablement that lowers the condition based equipment maintenance costs and using advanced analytics to identify opportunities to optimize equipment maintenance spend are the key optimization areas with a targeted 40% cost savings. This presentation aims at unfolding OFSE customer success story & strategy, which made right choices to embrace PTC’s technology platforms to gain real-time access & visibility to ALS Pump Operations, Monitor operations, Analyze historical data, leveraging pump digital twin for maximizing performance and preventive maintenance to significantly optimize operations cost. Breakout Session Shivappa Kushtagi, Wipro Limited
Piyush Batwal, Wipro Limited
s895 - Beyond Product Cost Estimates – The Holistic Design Approach for Engineering Leaders Ascertainment of product cost is required during every stage of the product development lifecycle. At the engineering stage, 70% of product costs gets defined, as specifications are frozen at design release. More than half of engineering effort gets wasted in design rework, which happens due to sub-optimized design not from just cost point of view but largely due to manufacturability challenges. It is imperative that organizations must front-load these decisions as there is much more flexibility at the beginning of an engineering cycle and a focus on aspects of design that drive and contribute to cost. We will demonstrate how simple changes to the design process can dramatically reduce product cost and improve design quality and how engineering leaders play a pivotal role in providing significant benefits to the organization. In this session, we will see how organizations can take a step towards getting early visibility of the product cost and focus on key areas that will help to build new innovative products faster and acceptable cost to their customers. Ignite Talk (15 Minute Quick Tips or Demos Expo Hall) Pranav Khurjekar, HCL Americas
s902 - Bits and Bytes, Flesh and Blood: The Real Cyber Consequences of Unsafe IoT Information security is no longer just about securing bits and bytes. More and more, it is about protecting flesh and blood. Join PTC Chief Security Officer Josh Corman discusses strategies for evaluating cyber physical risk and cybersecurity for the Internet of Things deployments. Breakout Session Joshua Corman, PTC
s954 - Bits & Bytes Meet Flesh & Blood: 6 Ways IoT is Different Safety critical and industrial IoT are where Bits & Bytes meet Flesh & Blood. Our dependance on connected technology has grown faster than our ability to secure it. Through our over-dependence on undependable IT, we have created the conditions such that the actions any single outlier can take have a profound and asymmetric impact on human life, economic, and national security. We'll outline 6 dimensions of how safety critical IoT is different than traditional security concerns. Cyber Safety Chats Joshua Corman, PTC
s796 - Blockchain & Distributed Ledgers: How Will They Impact the IoT New database architectures are the leading edge in IoT/M2M security and offer great promise for secure online transactions. It all started with Bitcoin but has much broader implications for IoT. Now there is a flurry of industry initiatives to apply blockchain and related distributed ledger architectures to IoT/M2M applications, including Openchain, Hyperledger, and Multichain, to name just a few. This session will discuss the concept of distributed ledgers, and how they can be used in IoT applications. Panel Discussion Keith Kreisher, IoT M2M Council
Nitin Jain, Tata Communications
Syed Zaeem Hosain, Aeris Communications, Inc.
Neil Dallison, Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Prasad Kandikonda, Multi-Tech Systems, Inc.
s943 - Blockchain & The Future of Distributed Manufacturing In the new digital economy, three questions would challenge enterprises, irrespective of their size and type: 1. Where in the value chain, internally and externally, are we paying the highest “trust tax” in terms of excess cost, effort or lack of agility? 2. Which types of partners, in what geographies and with what expertise, could we work with if transaction costs and efforts were lower? 3. Which information assets (e.g., manufacturing, maintenance, operational and usage data) about our products could we monetize if there were a secure way to do so? Additive Manufacturing is a new, emerging technology to fabricate parts on demand. It can leverage speed and economies of scale if worked in conjugation with Digital Manufacturing – a practice built on decentralized & geographically dispersed network of manufacturing facilities. Cognizant has been piloting unique ways of bring Additive and Distributive manufacturing together by building parts and components leveraging Blockchain platforms. See and learn how this unique combination of technology breakthroughs now allow you to create a frictionless connection between the digital twin of the part and physical part through an immutable digital thread. This is enabled through voxel level control of 3D printing which allows for printing markers inside the part which can be manufactured globally on-demand. Markers enable digital product memories. An example of a marker is a QR code. This enables you to close the loop and enable the physical part to be digitally connected at all times to the model and all the part attributes – serial number, author, material etc.. Further, it enables the use of AR/VR technologies to digitally augment the parts. These new parts are called Digitally Augmented parts. Breakout Session Carlos Elena-Lenz, Cognizant
Andrew Berlin, Rize, Inc
s890 - Bridging The Gap Between Creation & Quality Improvement Through Automation Ensuring a system is ready for Production and end-user consumption is a process that requires planning, care, and diligence. Having a thorough testing procedure to validate the integrity and overall quality of the solution is an essential component of rolling a system out to the user community. Manual testing can be time-consuming and prone to errors. In this session, we will discuss Automated Regression Testing, explore the benefits, share potential approaches and demonstrate a framework and URL based solution being used to increase the quality of production-ready solutions. We will cover the good, the bad, and the ugly in hopes that you can evaluate how an Automated Regression Testing (ART) approach may be leveraged within your organization to increase efficiency and the overall quality of solutions promoted to Production. Breakout Session Brad Kimball, ArcherGrey
Patrick Sullivan, ArcherGrey
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